1. How do you pronounce David’s last name?
2. When will we see David’s next book?
3. How did David become a writer?
4. Where does David get his story ideas?
5. What authors does David admire?
6. What is David’s writing process? Does he write every day?
7. How can I find out if David’s novels are published in my language?
8. I have a great story idea for David. Will he consider writing it?
9. Will David read my manuscript and give me his opinion?
10.Does David have any advice for aspiring writers?
11.Can David suggest a good agent/good publisher?
12.When is the next book signing event?
13.How can I get a personalized/autographed copy of one of David’s books?
14.How many books may I bring to a book signing?
15.When does the website post updated appearance dates and locations?
16.Why hasn’t David visited my city?
17.Is David working on any television and/or movie projects?
18.How can I contact David?
19.Does David read his email?
20.What is the Wish You Well Foundation?®
21. How do I book David to speak at an event?
22.Where can I find a list of David’s novels by publication date and series? Do you have a printable list?
23.When will we see Oliver Stone/John Puller/Will Robie/King & Maxwell again?
24.I have a book that’s missing/repeating pages; what do I do?
25.We are a public library interested in acquiring foreign editions of David’s books. How might we obtain copies?
26.Is it true that David auctions off character-naming opportunities? How can I participate?
27.What’s next?


1. Ball-DAH-chee.

2. Get ready to meet Atlee Pine; the FBI special agent makes her debut this fall in LONG ROAD TO MERCY. And Vega Jane returns in February 2019 in THE STARS BELOW. Stay tuned for details!

3. David’s wise mother gave him a notebook in elementary school (to keep him quiet, we’re told), but it wasn’t until high school that David started writing seriously; he continued writing through college and law school. While practicing law, he wrote in the late evening and the wee hours of the morning – whenever he had a spare moment.

4. Everywhere. In an airport, on a train, in a car, at a book signing, walking his dogs, taking out the trash, during a meeting when he’s supposed to be paying attention…we can guarantee that wherever he is, he is thinking about characters and plot points. He says, “As a writer, you can never ‘turn off’ your passion for the written word and love of a great story. So I watch life, listen intently, and basically drive everyone around me a bit crazy as I absorb my environment. When you’re naturally curious you uncover storylines everywhere.”

5. David admires many of the traditional southern scribes: Flannery O’Connor, Lee Smith, Eudora Welty, Harper Lee, Walker Percy and Truman Capote are among his favorites. He says, “Since college I have been reading and re-reading works by Anne Tyler and John Irving. I’ve also been reading Graham Greene and Patricia Highsmith and am a big fan of David McCullough. And I am never far from a well-read copy of Mark Twain.”

6. David’s days are typical for being atypical. When he is finishing a novel he can write for 10-15 hours straight. Some days he’s so busy with other stuff that he only writes for an hour or two. When he’s not writing at a sufficiently productive pace (we receive numerous requests for him to “write faster”) we lock him in his office and tell him that he can’t watch another episode of Midsomer Murders until he produces additional pages.

7. Please visit the International Editions page. David’s novels have been translated into more than 45 languages and sold in more than 80 countries. (If you are a publisher and wish to inquire about rights to David’s novels, please contact the Aaron M. Priest Literary Agency.)

8. No. David does not read story ideas submitted by others.

9. No. For legal reasons, David does not read unpublished material.

10. David says, “Write about what interests you rather than about what you know. Otherwise, you’ll get bored quickly. Writing is hard; it’s easy to give up. Stick with it!”

11. Writers Market and Writers Digest and Literary Marketplace are excellent resources for writers seeking agents. Start there.

12. Visit the Author Events section of this website for news about upcoming appearances.

13. David loves to meet and sign books for fans and does so a number of times each year at book signing events. If you cannot attend a book signing, contact one of the stores on David’s tour and purchase an autographed book, or visit VJ Books for signed copies of David’s novels. David cannot accommodate requests for his autograph at other times; he receives too many and wouldn’t have time to write if he fulfilled them all.

14. Please check with the store hosting the event for its book signing policy.

15. We post appearance dates as soon as we’ve confirmed them. David generally publishes a novel each spring (March or April) and fall (October or November), so if a tour is scheduled, it will likely take place during that time period. For more information about the release of David’s novels, subscribe to his U.S. publisher’s newsletter.

16. David would love to visit every city where he has a fan, but publishing two and sometimes three novels each year means he must spend the bulk of his time writing and researching. For many years David toured extensively, but now he’s focusing on other important projects as well, including promoting efforts to reduce illiteracy (through his Wish You Well Foundation) and hunger (via his Feeding Body & Mind initiative) in the United States.

17. THE CHRISTMAS TRAIN was adapted for television and aired as a Hallmark Hall of Fame feature presentation in November and December 2017 on Hallmark Channel! Other television and film projects are in the works; stay tuned.

18. If you have a specific question or comment for David, please use this form. Constructive criticism is welcome, but we delete mean-spirited and inappropriate correspondence before it reaches him.

19. Because of the sheer volume of mail David receives, he cannot read it all. (We’ve not yet figured out how to clone him.) David’s staff replies to correspondence, but please be patient, as David receives hundreds of emails each week.

20. David and his wife, Michelle, established the Wish You Well Foundation® in 2002 to foster and promote literacy programs in the United States. Please visit the Philanthrophy section of David’s website for more information.

21. Visit the Contact page for information on Keppler Speakers Bureau.

22. ABSOLUTE POWER (1996), TOTAL CONTROL (1997), THE WINNER (1997), THE SIMPLE TRUTH (1998), SAVING FAITH (1999), WISH YOU WELL (2000), LAST MAN STANDING (2001), THE CHRISTMAS TRAIN (2002), SPLIT SECOND (2003), HOUR GAME (2004), THE CAMEL CLUB (2005), THE COLLECTORS (2006), SIMPLE GENIUS (2007), STONE COLD (2007), THE WHOLE TRUTH (2008), DIVINE JUSTICE (2008), FIRST FAMILY (2009), TRUE BLUE (2009), DELIVER US FROM EVIL (2010), HELL’S CORNER (2010), THE SIXTH MAN (2011), ONE SUMMER (2011), ZERO DAY (2011), THE INNOCENT (2012), THE FORGOTTEN (2012), THE HIT (2013), KING AND MAXWELL (2013), THE TARGET (2014), THE ESCAPE (2014), MEMORY MAN (2015), THE GUILTY (2015), THE LAST MILE (2016), NO MAN’S LAND (2016), THE FIX (2017), END GAME (2017) and THE FALLEN (2018). He has also written six novels for younger readers, including THE FINISHER (2014), THE KEEPER (2015) and THE WIDTH OF THE WORLD (2017). A printable list of David’s novels and short stories – by date of publication and by series – is hereFor additional information about David’s writing, visit the Books page.

23. Never fear: they’ll all be back. Stay tuned!

24. Please return the defective book to the store from which you bought it; the store will exchange the defective book for a new copy. You do not need a receipt to exchange a defective book. You may also contact for a replacement copy.

25. David is happy to donate foreign editions of his novels to public libraries in the United States. Please use the Contact form on our website to inquire about copies in the particular foreign language you are seeking.

26. From time to time, David donates character-naming opportunities to nonprofit organizations for their annual fundraisers. The nonprofit receives 100% of the proceeds from the winning bid, and the winner gets to name a character in one of David’s upcoming novels. While most of these auctions require bidders to attend the event (e.g., a literacy organization’s annual fundraiser, a local school’s annual gala), David also sometimes participates in online auctions (e.g., via CharityBuzz), which are available to all. We promote the online opportunities on his website, and on his social media.

27. If spring is here, that means David is writing his fall thriller (LONG ROAD TO MERCY). He’s also putting the final edits on the fourth novel in his Vega Jane fantasy series; look for THE STARS BELOW in early 2019. When does he sleep? Your guess is as good as ours.