True Lies

David discusses his latest novel. Read the full interview here.

Author David Baldacci’s Power Over the Pen is Absolute

David Baldacci’s novels — packed with Secret Service agents, CIA sharpshooters and presidents who sometimes commit crimes — are catnip to the power elite of Washington, D.C. Read more…

Mystery Man: David Baldacci

David Baldacci’s thrillers are bestsellers, and he lives very well in Virginia. But there’s a lot that people don’t know about him—from his days selling vacuum cleaners to his charitable work. Read more here.

2006 Commencement Address – University of Virginia Law School

A graduate of the University of Virginia’s Law School, David gives the commencement address in 2006.

The A-Z of DC

Washington DC is the most powerful city in the world. That must be one reason why 40 million people visit the American capital each year. But there are plenty of other attractions. David Baldacci picks his favorites. Read more…

Diary of a Best Seller

GOOD STORY: Evil-but-sexy president roughs up best friend’s bimbo-wife during tryst. Secret Service agents kill her. Criminal-with-conscience sees everything. “Absolute Power.”

BETTER STORY: Earnest young lawyer secretly writes novel. Book sells–snap!–for $2 mil. Movie rights–zap!–another mil. Clint Eastwood signs to star. Absolute truth.

Read more about the sale of David Baldacci’s first novel here.