Freddy and the French Fries: Fries Alive

It all begins when Freddy Funkhouser embarks on an ambitious plan to win new customers for the family business, The Burger Castle. But when his secret invention ends up working better than he’d ever dreamed, his plans go wildly awry as his kooky companions wreak havoc in every corner of Freddy’s world. Full of memorable characters, outrageous inventions, bad guys versus good guys, and a healthy portion of over-the-top laughs, here’s a treat certain to make you hungry for the Fries’ next madcap caper.

The Fries: Five life-size, supper-powered spuds invented by science geek Freddy T. Funkhouser, designed as a “secret weapon” to win customers for the failing family business, The Burger Castle.

The Guys: Adam Spanker and his squad of bullies, armed with paintball guns, very bad manners, and very little brains. They will stop at nothing to bring the Burger Castle to ruin!

Fries vs. Guys: An all-out battle of brains versus brawn, science versus sabotage, and high-tech potatoes versus low-tech beef! Will anti-gravity belts, seed shooters, pooper pills, and purpulis enormosis be enough to help Freddy and the Fries beat Spanker and his gang of goons?