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Book review: Baldacci’s ‘Last Mile,’ Hart’s ‘Redemption Road’ serve up compelling characters

Character development has always been a mainstay of good detective fiction, with the fame of the made-up gumshoes long outliving their authors. Holmes, Poirot, Spade, Hammer, Marlowe, McGee, Spenser, Rawlins, Robicheaux, Milhone, Bosch … the list goes on ad infinitum and continues to grow. Two new characters that could well end up on the all-time list are David Baldacci’s Decker and John Hart’s Black. Read the full review here.


Author David Baldacci dedicates book to WDBJ7 shooting victims

Author David Baldacci talks about “The Last Mile” and why he dedicated his new novel to WDBJ7 shooting victims Alison Parker and Adam Ward.

View the interview here.