Review: NO MAN’S LAND is action-packed

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David Baldacci on his latest novel, “No Man’s Land”

David chats with Rodger Nichols about the latest novel in the John Puller series, his Wish You Well Foundation, and more.

Author David Baldacci to join reopening celebration at Columbus library

Ahead of his Sunday appearance as part of the Downtown reopening of the Main Library, the 55-year-old talked about his life and work.

‘Hot Dudes Reading’: Men of Viral Instagram Account Reveal Summer Book Picks

Hot Dudes Reading, the Instagram account that features photos of attractive men reading in public, is now coming to followers as a book. That’s right. Creators of the account that has nearly 900,000 followers are putting photos of their good-looking subjects reading books into an actual book — aptly titled “Hot Dudes Reading.” Find out what they’re reading here. (Hint: There’s a Baldacci title in the mix.)


Book review: Baldacci’s ‘Last Mile,’ Hart’s ‘Redemption Road’ serve up compelling characters

Character development has always been a mainstay of good detective fiction, with the fame of the made-up gumshoes long outliving their authors. Holmes, Poirot, Spade, Hammer, Marlowe, McGee, Spenser, Rawlins, Robicheaux, Milhone, Bosch … the list goes on ad infinitum and continues to grow. Two new characters that could well end up on the all-time list are David Baldacci’s Decker and John Hart’s Black. Read the full review here.


Author David Baldacci dedicates book to WDBJ7 shooting victims

Author David Baldacci talks about “The Last Mile” and why he dedicated his new novel to WDBJ7 shooting victims Alison Parker and Adam Ward.

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David Baldacci: Thriller writer is happy with his prolific pace

It’s been 20 years since David Baldacci’s first novel was published. The boy who loved to write, then became a lawyer, had finally realized his dream of being an author. Read more here.

Behind the Bestsellers at an NYU Media Talk

How much talent can you cram into a room? At the latest New York University Media Talk hosted by the NYU SPS Center for Publishing on February 9th, it would have been hard to squeeze in any more. On stage as part of a panel entitled “The Real Story: Four Authors Take You Inside Their Literary Lives,” four authors decided to let the audience gain insights into their writing process, from the original manuscript to the finished print product. Read more here.

Thank you, Ron McLarty

Read David’s note about narrator and actor Ron McLarty here.