In The News

The Author David Baldacci and the Formula of No Formula | August 09, 2011

The National

Although it might seem that Baldacci’s new books inevitably hit the bestseller lists these days, life hasn’t always been so straightforward. Read more…

The Write Side of Marriage | August 07, 2011

The Independent

Andrea Smith interviews David and his wife, Michelle. Read more…

The John Murray Show | July 25, 2011

RTE Radio 1

John Murray chats with David. Listen here…

The Forum | July 23, 2011

BBC World Service

David Baldacci on the urgency of now. Read more…

Author David Baldacci on Crime Writing | July 21, 2011

BBC Breakfast

David chats with BBC Breakfast about his latest novel, The Sixth Man, and the “two-beat rule.”  Listen here…

David Baldacci: What Book?… | July 19, 2011

Daily Mail

David talks about the book he’s reading now, chooses the titles he’d take to a desert island, discusses his favorite children’s book and names the title that “left him cold” (literally). Read more…

David Baldacci on Writing a Best-selling Crime Novel | July 15, 2011

Gulf News

There’s nothing casual about the reason for Baldacci’s success; he works hard to infuse his characters with warmth, credibility and a realness so his readers can appreciate them and await their reappearance. Read more…

How an Eye for the Unusual Propelled Baldacci into World of Thriller Writers | July 14, 2011

Yorkshire Post

David talks with Sheena Hastings about writing, his career, and the consequences of illiteracy. Read more…

David on ONE SUMMER | June 24, 2011

Raleigh Television Network

David talks with Stacey Cochran of the Raleigh Television Network program The Artist’s Craft about ONE SUMMER. Watch the interview here.

Audio Voices Add Magic to the Written Word | June 01, 2011

“Audiobooks give you two bangs for the buck,” writes David Baldacci. “You get the written story in all its glory, but you also get a performance of the written material by talented readers who pour their heart and soul into the story.” Read David’s article here.

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